Bilateral cooperation in other areas

Events devoted to the Common-National Leader Mr. Heydar Aliyev. Each year on birthday date (10 May) of the Common-National Leader Mr. Heydar Aliyev the Embassy presents books and literature about him and about Azerbaijan to the different libraries of Budapest (State Library of Foreign Literature, Széchenyi Library, etc). Hungarian “Duna TV” in 2006 and 2007 showed film “Heydar Aliyev-history of one’s envy” on Hungarian language.

Scientific relations and conferences. By the initiative of the Embassy, jointly with the Institute of Ethnology of Hungarian Academy of Science and with the support of the State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Affairs with Azerbaijanians living abroad was organized I Scientific Conference of Hungarian and Azerbaijani researchers (May 22, 2006). 

On 6-8 November, 2007 in Budapest the II Scientific International Conference of the Hungarian and Azerbaijan scientists namely "Hungary and Azerbaijan: rapprochement of cultures-2007" were held, where themes on history, culture and modern economy of Azerbaijan, and also a theme under the analysis of historical and cultural communications of Hungary and Azerbaijan were presented. This events was organized by common efforts of Embassy of Azerbaijan, Institute of Ethnology of Hungarian Academy of Science, Eötvös Loránd University, Károli Gáspár University of Reformed Church, Azerbaijani National Academy of Science and with the support of the State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Affairs with azerbaijanians living abroad.

The Embassy also supports the creation of researches works concerning the Azerbaijani subjects. So, book named “Magyarország-Azerbaidzsán: a kultúrák közeledése”-2006 including the articles of Hungarian and Azerbaijan scientists was published in 2006. Also the Embassy is planning to publish the book included the articles presented on the Conference-2007. 
The "Azerbaijan Day" event in the Institute of Ethnology and Institute of the National Minorities of Academy of Science of Hungary was organized on March 2, 2006.
Presentation of book "Azerbaijan ethnic music" by Mr. Sipos János, Hungarian researcher was organized on 17 November, 2006

Cooperation with “Duna TV”. On May 26, 2006 Hungarian “Duna TV” all day broadcasted "Day of Azerbaijan", where during all day films and information about Azerbaijan were presented. "Day of Hungary" broadcasted on the Azerbaijani channel “Ictimai TV” on August 20, 2006. 

On May 29, 2007 the Hungarian “Duna TV” will be broadcast "Day of Azerbaijan" and "Day of Hungary" was broadcasted on the Azerbaijani channel “Ictimai TV” on August, 20, 2007. 

On May 22, 2007 film “Heydar Aliyev - history of one’s envy” and presentation of disks with "Days of Azerbaijan on Duna TV" was organized by the Embassy. Also on May 22, 2007 Mr. Cselényi László, Chairman of Duna Television will be awarded for his contribution to developing of bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Hungary. 

Concerts. The Embassy organized several concerts of Azerbaijani musicians in Hungary: Concert of Azerbaijani mugham musicians in Pecs (June 30, 2005); Concert of Azerbaijani mugham music singer S. Ismayilova in Palace of Art (November 3, 2006); Concert of Azerbaijani symphonic music in “Duna Palota” followed by Magyar Duna Symphonic orchestra with Mr. Y. Adigezalov (conductor) and Mr. M. Huseynov (piano) (November 9, 2006); Concert of Azerbaijani mugham music in Central European University (CEU) (December 1, 2006); Concert of Azerbaijan mugham music in CEU (May 23, 2006); Concert of Azerbaijani mugham music and jazz-mugham music in Belvaroshi Szinhaz (May 24, 2006); Concert of Azerbaijani mugham music in the Museum in Ethnography (December 2, 2006). 

At the same time by the initiative of Embassy Hungarian “Djabe” jazz-band took part in the Baku Jazz Festival on June, 2007.

On December 14, 2007 by initiative of Embassy and by support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan the Concert of Azerbaijani symphonic music followed by Magyar Duna Symphonic orchestra with Mr. Y. Adigezalov (conductor) and Ms. Kertesi Ingrid (soprano) and devoted to memory of the great Azerbaijani composer Gara Garayev will be held in “Duna Palota” of Budapest

Exhibitions and other events. 

On October 3-21, 2005 the Embassy organized exhibition of Azerbaijani painters in the “Bank Center” building. 

On December 2, 2006 the Embassy with support of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan organized the cultural program "Face of Azerbaijan" in the Museum of Ethnography. It consist 3 separate topic: “Azerbaijani musical instruments”, ”Azerbaijani headscarf” and ”Azerbaijani culture”. 
Also Embassy organized Photo-exhibition and other events devoted to the "Xojali genocide and the tragedy of January 20, 1990" (every year on January 20 and February 26); Briefing devoted to Armenian-Azerbaijan (March 14, 2005); "Novruz Bayram in Hungary" - Azerbaijan National New Year (every year on March 21);The event in the Museum of Military History devoted to the memory of Magyar soldiers died and burred in Azerbaijan (April 12, 2006) and Reception devoted to Day of Republic (May 28 – every year).

The events named “Azerbaijan Day” with the presentation of Azerbaijani literature in the Hungarian State Library of Foreign Literature were held on November 17, 2005 and November 15, 2006.

Ties with gymnasiums. H.E. Dr. Hasan Hasanov made presentations in the following Gymnasiums: in Moris Ziqmund on 21.10.2006, in Pogan Frides on 14.12.2006 and in Laszlo Dyula on 14.06.2006.

Work with press

The Embassy actively cooperates with mass media of Hungary. 

Ambassador Hasan Hasanov many times gave interview in popular printed editions (“Diplomatic magazine", "Magyar Nemzet", "Nepszava”) and on leading TV channels of Hungary (MTİ, Duna-TV, RTL-klub). In his interviews Ambassador acquainted Hungarians with a political situation in Azerbaijan, developments in sphere of economy, culture, a science, etc.

On April 3-9, 2006 the Embassy organized trip of several Hungarian journalists to Azerbaijan - deputy of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "METRO" Kulcsar István, the editor of magazine “Szemle" Kiss Zoltán and the associate editor of magazine Nady Laszlo. After returning to Hungary, they have published 6 articles about Azerbaijan. 

On May 05, 2006 the Embassy together with the Union of journalists of Hungary held Press conference, where the Hungarian journalists have shared the impressions about trip to Azerbaijan. 

On September 30 - October 5, 2006 the Embassy organized trip of correspondent of the newspaper "Nepszava" Kepecs Ferenc to Azerbaijan. He wrote three articles where he informed Hungarian readers about the meetings and his expression about Azerbaijan.

On April 26-28, 2007 two Hungarian journalists Farkas József and Sitkey Levente took part in conference in Baku. On May 10, newspaper "Nepszabadsag" were published interview with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Mr.E.Mammedjarov. In the near future newspapers "Nepszabadsag" and “Magyar Nemzeti” will publish the other articles about Azerbaijan. The Embassy plans to issue the collection “The Hungarian journalists about Azerbaijan” where will be published articles of the Hungarian journalists who have visited Azerbaijan under the initiative of Embassy. 

The Embassy on a regular basis prepares and distributes press releases in more than 500 electronic addresses in Hungary. 

The Embassy also informs the Azerbaijan public on actions, the important meetings which spends in Hungary, tells about the activity on development and strengthening of the Azerbaijan-Hungarian relations.

Work on preservation of historical memory

The Embassy actively cooperates with the Museum and Institute of a Military History of the Ministry of Defense of Hungary in the field of preservation of historical memory. Director of a museum Mr. József Hollo presented to the Embassy list of Azerbaijani soldiers who have lost their lives during II World War and buried in Hungary. The Embassy has addressed with letters to mayors of 40 cities and regions of Hungary with the purpose to establish a place of burial places of the Azerbaijan soldiers and received the answers.

In turn, the Embassy assists the Museum and Institute of a military history of Hungary in preservation of memory Hungarian prisoners of war. 

From April 19 till April 22, 2007 Azerbaijan was visited by delegation of the Museum and Institute of a military history of the Ministry of Defense of Hungary which was headed by director of the Museum, General - Lieutenant József Hollo. One of overall objectives of visit of delegation was acquaintance to a condition of cemetery Hungarian prisoners of war, buried after II World war in territory of Azerbaijan. 

During visit the Hungarian delegation has visited Khanlar region where has met with the leadership of region, visited a cemetery which is in the settlement Girihli, and were convinced, that graves of Hungarian prisoners of war are in a good condition. The leadership Khanlar region and local residents with the big attention cares on historical memory and carefully look after a cemetery where the Hungarian soldiers are buried. Members of different authoritative Hungarian delegations were convinced of it also.