Visa requirements

Type of visit:

Tourist visa

A tourist visa is issued to foreigners and stateless persons visiting the Republic of Azerbaijan as tourists.

The period of stay in the country covered by the tourist visa is 30 days.

Papers necessary for obtaining a visa include a document proving that the purpose of a trip is tourism (a tourist voucher, a passenger ticket or a hotel, camping, tourist base voucher) and papers required by Article 36 of the Migration Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

1. Visa Application Portal

2Form who is invited by Azerbaijani citizen

Applying for a visa (supporting documents):

3. Valid national passport:

original of passport and one copy of the main page;

the validity date of the passport should be at least three months beyond the duration of the visa applied for;

passport has to contain at least two blank pages;

4. Hungarian residency permit (non-Hungarian citizens should present):

original of residency permit and one copy;

the validity date of the residency permit should be at least three months beyond the duration of the visa applied for;

5. Photo:

Two biometric color photos with a white background, taken within the last 6 months;

The size of the photos should be 3 cm x 4 cm otherwise application form will not be accepted;

6. Health insurance (copy) for the duration of the visa applied for (in case of inviting party does not undertake medical services);

7. Passenger ticket;

8. Hotel reservation;

9. Certificate of employer/educational organization (signed and stamped) indicating personal information, applicant's position, the purpose of the trip, and coverage of expenses;

10. Сertificate from the bank on the availability of money in the applicant’s bank account for the trip, accommodation in Azerbaijan and return to the country of origin;

11. Payment receipt (bank transaction statement only, no cash or credit cards accepted):

Consular fee for issuing visas for citizens of States of Schengen Zone (including citizens and non-citizens of Hungary): single entry - € 35 Euro, multiple entries - € 35 Euro.

All bank transaction fees (currency conversion and etc.) should be paid by the visa applicant, otherwise, the visa application cannot be processed;

The Visa applicant’s name and surname, as “for consular service” notice must be indicated in the payment receipt;

Payment requisites: 

Beneficiary Name:  Embassy of Azerbaijan

Beneficiary bank name: OTP Bank

IBAN: HU43 1176 4063 1677 0881 0000 0000

Account number: 11764063-16770881


Fees for processing the visa application are waived for the following categories of persons, provided they have submitted the necessary supporting documents regarding the purpose of the journey:

for close relatives — spouses, children (including adopted), parents (including custodians), grandparents and grandchildren — of citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan or of citizens of Hungary legally residing in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

- for members of official delegations, including permanent members of official delegations, who, following an official invitation addressed to the Republic of Azerbaijan, shall participate in official meetings, consultations, negotiations, or exchange programmes, as well as in events held in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

- for pupils, students, post-graduate students and accompanying teachers who undertake trips for the purposes of study or educational training, including in the framework of exchange programmes as well as other school related activities;

- for persons with disabilities and persons accompanying them, if necessary;

- for participants in international sports events and persons accompanying them in a professional capacity;

- for persons participating in scientific, cultural and artistic activities, including university and other exchange programmes;

- for persons who have presented documents proving the necessity of their travel on humanitarian grounds, including to receive urgent medical treatment and the person accompanying such person, or to attend a funeral of a close relative, or to visit a seriously ill close relative;

- for representatives of civil society organizations when undertaking trips for the purposes of educational training, seminars, conferences, including in the framework of exchange programs;

- for pensioners;

- for children under the age of 12;

- for journalists and technical crew accompanying them in a professional capacity;

- for holders of diplomatic or service passports, traveling for official purposes.


Business visit:

Letter of invitation in Azerbaijani language from a business counterpart in Azerbaijan (written on the inviting organization’s letterhead, signed and stamped) indicating personal information, the purpose of the trip, and the duration of applicant's intended stay in Azerbaijan;

notarized copy of state registration certificate of the inviting organizations (non-government organizations);


Private visit:

Notarized copy of inviting person’s identification document;

Notarized invitation letter certifying obligation to meet the financial expenses related with the travel of a foreigner or stateless person (ticket, daily and medical expenses, etc.) or possession of financial resources to pay these expenses;

As well as the document certifying that the invited person is a family member of the labor migrant or the foreigner and stateless person getting an education.

Transit visit:

The validity of a transit visa is 5 days;

Copies of the visa (excluding the countries with a visa-free regime to travel to the destination country) and the ticket for traveling to the destination country from the applied country (if it is possible to obtain them) or other information certifying the travel.

 Important notices:

  • Completed Visa application form, duly signed by the applicant. Visa Application Form must be printed in black ink, single-sided, and had to be filled using BLOCK LETTERS ONLY !!!.
  • All the questions should be answered, otherwise, the form will not be accepted;
  • Visa processing: 10 days (can be prolonged to 30 days).
  • All visa applicants must apply in person at the Consular Section. In case of refusal, a visa application cannot be processed;
    The Consular Section reserves a right to require any additional documents that it considers to be necessary for visa application procedure;
  • All foreign citizens visiting Azerbaijan for more than 15 days must apply to the State Migration Service for registration. You can also apply online for registration by this application form after fill-in send to e-mail:
  • An amount paid by the applicant for a visa is not reimbursed in case of rejection of visa issuance.
  • The Embassy would like to remind that those who traveled to the occupied territories without prior permission of the Republic of Azerbaijan will be denied entry to the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • For children who have not attained the 18-year-old, are required birth certificate (original and copy)

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