Visa requirements

IMPORTANT: Starting from 10th of November 2011, new application forms should be submitted for the visa application.

Starting from 15th of October 2010, certain cases have been determined for foreigners and people without citizenship to apply directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the (Visa sections of Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the international airports of the Azerbaijan) for a visa. You can find detailed information here. All other visitors should get visa before coming to Azerbaijan.

Following documents must be submitted to the Consular section of the Embassy: Applicants have to submit documents personally

An invitation from Azerbaijan. (Invitation letter should include Name, Number of Passport, Validity of Passport, Dates of travel of the visitor, as well as Full Name, Full Adress, Contact Telephone of the inviting party. If the invitation is send by private person, copy of both sides of Citizens Identity Card of Azerbaijan should be attached. Request for Double entry visa has to be noted in the invitation. For short term visas invitations can be send directly to the Embassy. For long term, especially for multiple entry visas, receiving party should apply to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan. Consular Department should send an official confirmation to the Embassy for issuing visa. Only after this confirmation visa application can be considered.)

One completed visa application form. 

Application form is available here or may be faxed upon request. (Please, answer all questions by typing or use block letters to fill the form. Please write either YES or NO instead of dashing, while answering questions.  In the “Occupation and Speciality” part, please write name of the company or organization you work and your speciality or position. Do not pass to the part for official uses while writing or signing. Improper or incomplete application forms will not be accepted

Original passport or travel document (Photocopies will not be accepted. Passports should have at least 3 months validity and at least 1 empty paper, for multiple visas 2 pages facing each other). 

Two 3.5 x 4.5 cm size color photos with white background (Photos should be taken at front of the face, at most 6 months ago. Two photos have to be the same. Photocopies and improper photos will not be accepted.) 

Visa fee:

Single entry visa – 35 EURO

Single entry transit visa – 20 USD

Multiple entry visa – 35 EURO


Beneficiary  name:  Embassy of Azerbaijan

Beneficiary bank name: OTP Bank

IBAN: HU43 1176 4063 1677 0881 0000 0000

Account number: 11764063-16770881



Multiple entry visa - Inviting party or partner should apply to Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan to obtain multiple entry visas.

Visa fees once paid are non-refundable.

For citizens of other countries on the basis of reciprocity.

Processing time – 10 days 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan has implemented an online service to fill out the visa application form here.  

Foreign citizens going to Azerbaijan for a period of more than 30 days must register their passports with the local passport-registration authorities.

Tourist visa

A tourist visa is issued to foreigners and stateless persons visiting the Republic of Azerbaijan as tourists.

A period of stay in the country covered by the tourist visa is 30 days.

Papers necessary for obtaining a visa include a document proving that the purpose of a trip is tourism (a tourist voucher, a passenger ticket or a hotel, camping, tourist base voucher) and papers required by Article 36 of the Migration Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

E-visas issued to tourists

38.1. Tourists coming to the Republic of Azerbaijan can obtain an e-visa via a tourist agency.

38.2. In order to obtain an e-visa, foreigners can apply directly to a tourist agency accredited by an appropriate authority of the Republic of Azerbaijan or through partners of that agency in his/her country.

38.3. A travel agency accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan fills in an e-visa application in an internet information server of an appropriate authority, attaches scanned copies of a tourist’s passport, his/her photograph, documents (a tourist voucher, a passenger ticket or a hotel, camping, tourist base voucher) proving the touristic purpose of the trip. Documents are processed within maximum 10 days after they have been received, then a visa is issued and sent to an e-mail address of the travel agency. In case of rejection of visa issuance relevantly justified information is provided.

38.4. A state fee in an amount defined by legislation is paid for issuance of e-visa.

38.5. A printed version of an e-visa is not attached to a passport, but is submitted along with a passport by a tourist at a state border crossing-point. Notes on entry and exit of a person are made in his/her passport and visa when he/she passes through a border crossing-point.

38.7. Norms of accreditation of tourist agencies that operate in the Republic of Azerbaijan and authorized to use e-visas are established by the appropriate authority of the executive power (The Ministry of Culture and Tourism) of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Information on visa facilitation for citizens of several countries

From February 1, 2016, facilitation of visa procedures in all international airports of the Republic of Azerbaijan will be applied to the citizens of Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore in order to increase people-to-people contacts, promote tourist visits and business ties in regard with the tasks given by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the results of socio-economic development of the first half of 2015 and objectives for the future. These regulations have been applied to the citizens of the United Arab Emirates since November 10, 2015.

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