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On 26 January, 2019, the 15th Annual Intercultural Festival was held at the Central European University in Budapest. The CEU students performed folk music and national dances, also participated at the international culinary competition at the event.

Azerbaijani students studying at the mentioned university also participated in the event, performing national dance and samples from national cuisine. The Azerbaijani Corner, organized with the support of the Embassy, was met by the quests with a great interest. Also, guests were presented with the books and brochures published by the Embassy about the national cuisine of Azerbaijan. 

On February 27, “International Festival 2019” was held at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Students from different countries demonstrated their national cultures, cuisine and tourism opportunities. The Azerbaijani students also participating in the event provided extensive information about our country and performed national dances and music of well-known Azerbaijani composers in fortepiano. At the same time, souvenirs, as well as samples of Azerbaijani cuisine were welcomed by participants at the stand, organized by the Embassy and students. 

On April 23, an event dedicated to the memory of famous Hungarian cosmonaut Bela Macari was organized by the Hungarian Astronautic Society. Delegation led by the First Deputy Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan Vagif Aliyev and Ambassador Vilayat Guliyev, as well as Hungarian scientists in the area of astronautics and local community attended the event organized in the Hungarian town of Kistarcha.

The Secretary General of the Hungarian Astronautics Society Attila Hirn gave a speech about the development paths of astronautics in Hungary and services of the famous Hungarian cosmonaut Bela Macari in this field. Attila Hirn shared his views on a prominent Soviet scientist in the field of cosmonauts, our compatriot Karim Karimov, and noted that Mr. Karimov was welcomed in Hungary with great respect and esteem in the 90s of the last century.

Addressing the audience, Ambassador Vilayat Guliyev expressed his satisfaction with the establishment of efficient cooperation in many areas between the two countries, as well as in the field of astronautics, and noted that he is proud of the fact that the well-known Azerbaijani scientist Karim Karimov is remembered with great respect beyond the boundaries of the Motherland.

At the end of the event, a piece of soil was symbolically put on the bottom of the “Sky Tree” to commemorate the memory of those who have been serving for the development of astronautics. Ambassador V. Guliyev put a handful of soil, especially brought from Azerbaijan for this purpose, on the bottom of the “Sky Tree” as a sign of respect to our compatriot Kerim Karimov. 

On May 3, the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Hungary established the Azerbaijani Book Corner in the library of Dunauivaros University, with the joint initiative of Azerbaijan-Hungary Youth Union (AHYU) and the Embassy.

The opening ceremony of the Azerbaijani Book Corner was attended by Ambassador V.Guliyev, First Secretary E.Rahimov, representatives of the AHYU - Murad Aslanli and Abdullah Mammadli, professors and teachers of the mentioned university and special correspondent of AzerTac Vugar Seyidov.

After the speeches, the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Dunauivaros University signed a memorandum of cooperation.

Red ribbon was cut in front of the Azerbaijani Book Corner, and the opening ceremony of the boards “Azerbaijani Book Corner” in the library as well as in the lobby of the main building of the University was held.

As a result of continuous negotiations with representatives of Dunauivaros University on the direction of the establishment of Azerbaijani Book Corner, the books about Azerbaijani culture, art, cuisine, tourism potential, sightseeing places of Karabakh and other regions of Azerbaijan as well as on the aggression policy of Armenia against Azerbaijan will be demonstrated in the Book Corner. 

On the eve of the 96th anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev, the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Hungary completed the translation and publication of “Heydar Aliyev: Personality and Time” trilogy by famous writer and publicist Elmira Akhundova about the life of Great Leader. The book was published under the general editorial of Ambassador Vilayat Guliyev and was translated into Hungarian by a well-known translator Tamas Varhegi. The book was presented to nearly 150 Hungarian libraries, as well as to foreign embassies accredited in Budapest.

On June 3, Hungary's first cosmonaut Bertalan Farkas met with Azerbaijani students at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Hungary. Opening the event, Ambassador Vilayat Guliyev informed about the life of Hero of the Soviet Union F.Bertalan and noted that he was sent as flight engineer to the Salyut-6 orbit station on 26.05-03.06.1980. F.Bertalan demonstrated a documentary film about him and shared his memories with participants of the event. He emphasized that Hungary's participation in “Intercosmos” program was a great opportunity for the time being. F. Bertalan gave detailed information about his impressions of the astronauts in the orbital complex with Leonid Popov and Valery Ryumen for seven days.


Culture, Art 

On March 6, First Secretary of the Embassy Emil Rahimov was invited to English-language school named after “Rakorchi Ferenc” in Székesfehérvár, Hungary.

Presentation dedicated to Azerbaijan was held at school named after in Sehschefehervar, Hungary. Prior to the event, E.Rahimov gave a short interview to the local TV channel and stated the purpose of the visit. During the visit a presentation on the geographical position of Azerbaijan, its rich culture possessing ancient historical elements, art, cuisine, national holidays, attractive tourist opportunities, as well as the activities of our embassy in Hungary and Azerbaijan-Hungary relations was given.

During his speech, the diplomat mentioned that as a result of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and Armenia's aggressive policy, more than 20 percent of our homeland was occupied, more than one million refugees and internally displaced persons are deprived of their homeland, our cultural, historical and religious monuments either in Armenia or in the occupied territories were destroyed by Armenian vandals, and in Azerbaijan, as an example of tolerance, different ethnicities and religions co-existed in peace and harmony for centuries.

After the presentation, detailed information about the symbols of Novruz Holiday was provided and samples of our national sweets were presented to the pupils and teachers on behalf of the Embassy.

On February 24-25, the concert programs of “Golden Orda” Symphony Orchestra of Kazakhstan were organized jointly by the International Turkish Culture Organization (TURKSOY), Embassies of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Kazakhstan, and Yunus Emre Institute in Budapest. Secretary General of TURKSOY Dusen Kaseinov, president of Yunus Emre Institute Seref Ates, Ambassadors of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkey, as well as representatives of diplomatic corps and Diaspora, students, local community attended the concert programs held in Yunus Emre Institute on February 24 and in famous Duna Palota Concert Hall on February 25.

At the concert programs an orchestra performed excerpts from the works of TURKSOY member states and compositions from world classics. Compositions of Azerbaijani composers and folk music, including “Sari Gelin”, played on a musical instrument Kanun by a member of the orchestra, an Azerbaijani Chinara Heydarova were welcomed by spectators and accompanied by applause.

On March 9, a presentation ceremony of the culinary book titled “50 Delicacies of the World” was held at Pecs University, Hungary. The book contains illustrated information about national cuisine and recipes of different dishes from 50 countries around the world. As a result of cooperation between the Embassy and the mentioned university, the recipes of Azerbaijani national cuisine “dolma” and “lavangi” were included in the book.

Ambassador Vilayat Guliyev participated in the event attended by representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Hungary and nearly 3,500 guests, including students from 80 countries.

During the event which was broadcasted by official television of Pecs University, Ambassador Vilayat Guliyev together with Chairman of Pecs Azerbaijani Student Society Javid Ahmedov attended the demonstration of the preparation of the Azerbaijani national dish “lavangi”. Answering to the questions of famous Hungarian gastro-blogger Zsófia Mautner, Ambassador gave detailed information about the national cuisine of Azerbaijan. During the talk, blogger Z.Mautner noted that she has visited Azerbaijan several times and shared her pleasant impressions on the national dishes of Azerbaijan.

After the event, Ambassador Guliyev held meetings with representatives of the local authorities and the Heads of the University of Pecs, and discussed the issues of mutual interest. Ambassador also met with 50 Azerbaijani students studying at the University of Pecs, gave his recommendations, and called on our young people to be active in the future in such events that are necessary for our country's promotion. 

On March 19, the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Hungary hosted an event dedicated to Novruz Holiday. Nearly 100 Azerbaijani students studying in Hungary attended the event.

Addressing the audience, Ambassador Vilayat Guliyev congratulated the students on Novruz holiday, conveyed the best wishes and informed about the traditions of the holiday. The Ambassador noted that Novruz holiday was included in the UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage due to its historical significance and the rich national roots of our people, the 21st of March was proclaimed the International Day of Novruz by the UN General Assembly on 23 February 2010, and Novruz has been being celebrated for over 3,000 years in the Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East, and other regions.

Speaking about the achievements of our country in recent years, Ambassador V.Guliyev noted the positive growth of the number of Azerbaijani students studying in Hungary every year. He recommended our students studying in Hungary to show the truth of Azerbaijan to the local community and to promote the ancient history of our rich cultural heritage.

The event featured delicious dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine, including “plov”, the table decorated with various patterns of Novruz sweets was laid, the “samovar tea” was brewed, and the bonfire as a main attribute of Novruz in the yard of the Embassy. 

On April 1-4, a delegation led by Namiq Gulamov, the Deputy Head of the Office of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan - the Head of Legal Department visited Hungary to study international experience in the field of cinema industry.

On April 2, the first official meeting of the delegation was with the production director of the “MaFilm” studio Ildiko Andrea Ottinger and the directors of the “Origo” studio - Production Service Director Mihayi Korom and Director General of Studio, Director of Legal Affairs Marta Horvath. On April 3, the delegation was received by the Director of International Relations of the Hungarian State Cinema Foundation Bereczki Csaba and Director of the Cinematography Department of the Ministry of Human Resources Robert Halmai.

During the meetings, the representatives of Hungary gave detailed information about the activities of the organizations they represent, the development path and the current situation of the film industry, international cooperation and investment opportunities, legislative acts, and the delegation was closely acquainted with studios' playgrounds and infrastructure.

The Azerbaijani delegation provided detailed information on the film industry of our country and noted that important decisions were taken by the leadership of the country for the further development of this sphere. In this regard, it was emphasized that Hungary's achievements in the cinema industry had been interested in recent years and emphasized the importance of intensifying mutual visits to benefit from Hungarian experience and deepen cooperation in this direction. 

On April 13, the International Cultural Evening was hosted in Szeget University, Hungary. During the International Night, where nearly 2000 guests were invited, students of this university performed their national music and dance, as well as participated in a culinary competition. Azerbaijani students, representing our country, presented samples of our rich national cuisine. Some books, brochures and other printed materials about Azerbaijan attracted the attention of the event’s participants in the Azerbaijani corner organized with the support of the Embassy. 

On April 22-25, the delegation led by the First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Vagif Aliyev, paid a working visit to Hungary.

During the visit, the delegation met with the State Secretary for International Affairs of the Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary, Mrs. Orsolya Pacsay-Tomasics. At the meeting, the parties discussed a wide range of humanitarian cooperation. During the discussions, the sides exchanged views on the issues of holding mutual cultural days, opening of cultural centres and the issues of other mutual interest. After the meeting, the parties signed the “Cultural Cooperation Program between the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary”. 

On April 24, jointly with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Hungary, the National Library of Azerbaijan and the Yunus Emre Institute in Budapest, a literary-musical event dedicated to the 650th anniversary of Imadeddin Nasimi was organized in Budapest.

The event was attended by the First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan Vagif Aliyev, the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Hungary, representatives of embassies of Kazakhstan and Iran, representatives of the Azerbaijani and Turkish Diaspora, Azerbaijani students studying in this country, local communities and Turkologists.

A large book exhibition of Nasimi's works and literature about him was held at the foyer of Yunus Emre Institute before the official part, which was launched by performing a brief documentary about Imadeddin Nasimi.

Director of the Yunus Emre Institute, Yakub Gul welcomed the members of the Azerbaijani delegation and all the guests, expressing his honour to host jubilee event of the great man, Imadaddin Nasimi in the institute.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Vilayat Guliyev said that a number of events were held within the framework of the Nasimi Year in our country and beyond its borders.

The literary-musical part of the event was continued on the stage designed as Middle Ages. Azerbaijani students studying in Hungary sang poems and songs of the great poet, which were accompanied by the beautiful performances of Hungarian musicians. 

On April 25, the movie “Ali and Nino” was shown in Budapest by the Embassy of Azerbaijan.

Nearly 100 people, including the delegation led by the First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan Vagif Aliyev, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Hungary, prominent figures of Hungary in the field of culture and cinema, members of Azerbaijani Diaspora, as well as Azerbaijani students studying in this country attended the presentation of the movie. 

A cultural project titled “One World” was launched in Hungary with the initiative of the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (ITV) and with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Hungary.

On April 23-28, the ITV filmmaking group arrived to Hungary to interview Ambassador Vilayat Guliyev, Chairman of the Hungarian-Azeri Society “Brotherhood” Ramiz Amirli and Azerbaijani students studying in this country and to visit the cities of Hungary, Gyongyos and Vasad.

During their trip to these cities, the journalists visited the tomb of our compatriot, Hero of the Soviet Union, Mirza Valiyev in Vasad and interviewed the former mayor of Gyongyos Farago Laslo, who stands out with his warm relations to our country.

Also during their visit to Hungary, the ITV crew filmed the meeting of the First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan Vagif Aliyev with State Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary Mrs. Orsolia Pachay-Tomashich, the event dedicated to the 650th anniversary of Nasimi, and film premiere “Ali and Nino”.

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