Ludovika Scholars Guest Lecturer Program of the University of Public Service of Hungary

The University of Public Service is the leading higher education institution in Hungary.  The University offers undergraduate and postgraduate study and research opportunities in the following fields: political science, military science, information society, disaster management studies, cyber security, public administration, national security studies, international studies, law enforcement, strategic studies, water science (more details: Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies, Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training, Faculty of Law Enforcement, Faculty of Water Sciences, Institute of Disaster Management, Eötvös József Research Center.)
The aim of the Ludovika Scholars Guest Lecturer Program is to provide citizens of the University with the opportunity to exchange ideas with Central and Eastern European academics, researchers, and experts, and to enable visiting lecturers to learn about the work of scholars at the University as well as to develop stronger relationships with their partners. The Program will also enable successful applicants to spend a week giving public lectures, participating in workshops, and taking part in professional discussions organized by the host faculties or research institutes. This will pave the way for closer cooperation with the origin institutions and will allow exploration of future joint or double-degree programs, as well as joint research and publication opportunities.
This special program is open to citizens of the following countries: Republic of Albania, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Croatia, Czech Republic, Republic of Estonia, Georgia, Hellenic Republic, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Poland, Romania, Republic of Serbia, Slovak Republic, Republic of Slovenia, Republic of Turkey
The full text of the application and all details can be found here: https://reg.uni-nke.hu/index.php/338115?newtest=Y&lang=en
The application deadline is August 31, 2022. 
If there might be any further questions regarding the program, they should be sent to: ludovika.scholars@uni-nke.hu 

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